Melting faces in the ATL for the 4th year is the punk and metal Jabroni Fest.   Punk and metal bands from around the south collide at the Star Bar November 10th through the 12th during this three-night rage fest. I have a feeling its going to be a total bad ass shit show.  Three nights of rock your socks off music. The sets for each band are 25 minutes so it’s a punk music dream fest and boredom won’t be an issue. I wonder if any of the punk bands will play an entire album in their 25-minute set.



The lineup is jam packed so some of the highlights and bands not to be missed include: Shehehe described on their website as the “vanguards of American Jet Rock, Punk with arena leads, Pop Punk, but really what it is people who love making rocking, punk-inspired music and having a good time.” Joy Kills are currently recording a new EP. Ganges Phalanges just recently played the Worlds Smallest Music Festival in Savannah and have some upcoming shows around the ATL prior to Jabroni fest. Karbomb originally out of Athens, GA have been playing since 2005 and describe themselves as “These Brutally honest, Southern drunx preach the punk rock gospels in the vain of bands like Propagandhi, RKL, A Wilhelm Scream, Comback Kid, etc. Karbomb prides itself on its live presentation so expect a Loud, Rowdy, fast as fuck- yet still musically precise show.” Earlier this year Karbomb and Seagulls released a mixed album available from their bandcamp and on Vinyl. Karbomb also just toured with Bad Idols out of Tennessee. And Bad Idols are currently recording their second full-length album in Atlanta.

Ganges Phalanges courtesy of BandCamp

Another band to be on the lookout for is Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves from North Carolina. This crew just got back to the states from touring across Europe. They have been described as “ soul and ferocity of punk rock with the brash intensity of rock n’ roll.” With a shit load of bands Jabroni Fest will be a brutal beer pounding, head banging, thrash pandemonium.

jabroni.jpgFind out more about Jabroni Fest here: FACEBOOK

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