NOVA is an Ukranian artist and model living in Los Angeles, CA who recently ventured into recording music from the comforts of her own home. In her first video for the song CHURCHES, the icy blonde is stuck in a pastoral pastel prison. With a sound that echoes the vibes of a gnarly school play in an empty church hall, the track is a moody synth-pop love note to a nostalgic desert dreamscape.

NOVA is captive in the confines of a soft and melancholy aesthetic created by friend and talented director Michaela McEttrick.  Coming together effortlessly on a creative plane the pair built the set and filmed the entire video in the duration of one day, in a friends basement.

NOVA mentioned to Nakid “I think the music I’m making has a life of its own because it came out of nowhere and I’ve never made electronic music before. I’m used to being part of a band. But even tho these tunes are made entirely solo via several computer programs I think they still have a very organic retro vibe. When I finished my first solo e.p. Cartoon Cool Girl which came out in may I realized every song had an organ on it. Organs are dark and epic, and they also make me think of psychedelic rock bands which definitely shaped my music taste growing up. As I got older I got more into pop music and now everything is meshing together.  My sound consists of playing a dreary melody on the organ and putting a trap beat over it.” 

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