Images by Lou Martinez / Words by Allen Henson

Sometimes you have to just leave it all behind; for a week or for forever, when it’s time it’s time. Some people will find any excuse not to buy the ticket; who’ll feed the cat, oh I can’t get off work, I just cant afford to right now. Then there’s the WANDERLUST hashtaggers that are just propagating the Instagram, too caught up in the next selfie in Cairo to really just be present. The road is more like an itch or an onset of mania. You’ll get it and whether or not you have five bucks in your pocket or five thousand, you’ll wake up the next day somewhere weird and really far away. And more than likely where the signs don’t make any sense and the people even less. Fuck the cat, and the job; if you packed a selfie stick or Christ, even thought about one of those guided tours you’ve got it all wrong.  How about just wander, pick a direction and just go and if you don’t like where you are, go somewhere else. Hell, we were born nomads in the beginning, it’s in our blood. Hunter / gatherers, foragers, and then we packed up and sailed into vast uncharted void, prepared to fall off the edge of the world.

Lou found the edge of the world, the land of Ice and Fire he said. He held ancient glacial ice and slept with ice giants. Fortunately for us he came back, and with images I think Ansel Adams would be proud of.    -AH

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And here’s Lou.