Images and Words by Bil Brown

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, NOV 9-10, 2016 – The diversity of the American Cities overwhelmingly voted Blue on November 8. They were also the hardest hit from the announcement that one of our oldest political institutions would ignore the popular vote and elect Donald John Trump as the next President of the United States of America. Los Angeles and New York led the way, but by Friday every major American city has seen its streets colored with protest against Donald Trump, and no opposition.
These protests are as diverse as the cities in which they hail from, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, white women and men coming together from all demographics but specifically driven by young voices, the 20 something’s just have had the majority of their lives driven by a vision of this country that now almost seems like a utopia under Barak Obama.
These protests, mostly in their own Blue cities, are meant to rally the troops to send a message to the country at large that your cultural and intellectual centers, the centers of commerce, science and innovation, your most diverse and articulate do not accept Donald Trump as President, #notmypresident was the first hashtag to come out of the shock of November 8th decision to elect this demogouge to the highest executive office in the land.
Donald Trump is a threat to the Constitution. Donald Trump is a threat to the American melting pot. Donald Trump is an unapologetic sexist. Donald Trump is a nightmare for the urban most areas with the most to lose during his reign. In fact, I myself write this in full confidence that there will be backlash against myself and my person for giving an opinion within the photographs of the last few days in LA. I am not a journalist here, I am an artist focusing my precision rangefinder on the truth. I am a father that wants his children to live in a tolerant world, with opportunities instead of fear. And can say without hesitation:


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