It was the storm before the bigger storm. Sound on Sound Fest was possibly the last festival we got to experience where our sub-conscience wasn’t constantly knocking in the back of our head shouting “Dude your country just elected a racist pumpkin as a president”. For that we thank you SOS, we will cherish those memories.

Previously known as the legendary Fun Fun Fun Fest, Sound on Sound kicked off their integrative festivities this year at Sherwood Forest Fair, where vintage renaissance imagery covered the forest, taking us back in time. From giant king dinner tables to castles and villages, the festival had endless options for fans to chase the perfect Instagram picture. Walking around it at night was a bit dark, but that only gave the adventurous fans a reason to get lost in the woods. There was so much room, they could have easily fit another stage, I mean that one last walk to the main stage for Young Thug from the Hommie area was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. But it was all worth it once I started hearing ‘Digits’ at a distance.

Adrian Samano Photography. All rights reserved 2016

By Adrian Samano

Last day of the festival was absolutely one of the most insane experiences I’ve ever had, the festival was being evacuated due to a storm that was hitting the festival grounds. Fire marshalls had to get every single soul our of the main festival areas. Although our lives were technically endangered by the weather conditions, it all felt like a break to catch up with friends from the industry and drink a few beers. As the fest was being evacuated, we the media and artist ended up taking shelter in a Castle that was nearby. Although the storm was heavy, we didn’t really feel a thing in there. I imagine that to some fans this experience must have been disgruntled by the evacuation, but knowing Austin natives this kind of turned into an opportunity to go out for a beer run or a Micky D’s stop. The majority came right back as soon as the fest grounds opened up again. Courtney Barnett rewarded her ride or die fans who stood up pass the storm with the most electrifying set of the weekend, proving that Barnet is the storyteller of her movement. I mean every song has its own unique way to narrate an experience, her music is a pure window to her soul and the unique way she looks at life.




By Karlo X Ramos

Explosion in the Sky almost gave me an epileptic attack, but in a very orgasmic way. Their endless guitar riffs and unconventional melodies  were dramatic from beginning to end, the set felt like one elongated enigmatic track.  and late at night Thug actually came thru with a full set about four hours after his set was originally intended to go on.

It was a long weekend for us yet it all felt so timeless, most of our time was spend meeting people trying out all the amazing food trucks and chasing down the best looks of the weekend. Luckily for us SOS Fest had many of that.


Style shots by Catherine Forsyth 

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