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Was it just a year ago we were celebrating the ISSUE III release at Libertine Miami with cover artist Jen Stark, CryWolf and Basside half naked and twerking for a screaming over capacity room of fans? Time has flown by in a blink of an eye and already we are back to prepping for one of the craziest weeks of the year where the entire art world heads down to Miami to drink champagne and check out the best art, music and parties in the land. Last Basel we brought you one Hell of a rager and this year, we plan to keep you in the know with a list of our Basel 2016 Heavy hitters. Skip the shitty parties your friends want to drag you to and follow this list that will NOT disappoint. We promise it will lead you to memories you will cherish forever or not remember at all.




Fresh off of a high from October’s 3 day music art and tech extravaganza, III Points is back and have extended their infamous concert series from 3 to 5 days at multiple venues of non stop parties. Always on the forefront of cool, III Points is straying away from the oversaturated streets of Wynwood and Miami Beach and heading to Miami’s newest burgeoning hood : Little River. The location? Magic City Studios, a warehouse complex boasting two never before used spaces. Be the first to dance at the Warehouse or the Factory Wednesday through Sunday with headliners like Nick Murphy (Chet Faker), Young Thug, James Blake, Tale of Us, TEED, Todd Terje, Tim Sweeny & Acid Pauli. Well played III Points… well played. Get your tickets now before they run out!





Poplife is throwing you a bone this Basel, offering an array of delights to satisfy any appetite this side of Miami Beach at their latest pop up The Dog . Back home at a newly muraled 1306 ( once White Room ), the homies are bringing you a chill spot to hang in the early evenings and a hot spot to rage into the wee hours of the morning. Located in the outskirts of Wynwood, the Dog boasts talent ranging from Jillionaire, Gaslamp Killer, to Nick Hook and Craze. Look out for the always popular The Do- Over party that leaves everyone guessing on the talent up until the very last moments doors open. Best part? It’s fucking free with RSVP.




Release your inner rebel at anyone of the numerous party the masterminds behind Link Miami Rebels are bringing you this Basel. If you’re looking for long nights filled with techno beats and rivers of mezcal, look no further… you’ve found your tribe this Basel season. From Trade to Magic City Studios and all the way into the depths of Space, the boys came correct boasting big names like Dynamic, Richie Hawtin, Afterlife and Maceo Plex. Big Tip : wear comfy shoes because you will dance until your feet fall completely off. Don’t Sleep. Secure your access before you’re left waiting outside watching the party on fucking snapchat.



GODDESSPHERE is a temporary, experiential fourth wave feminist art installation and collaboration between Californian artists Marina Fini and Emily Meehan. Both rad AF women have combined their aesthetic forces, as well as that of 9 other visual artists to create a site specific, extraordinary display of feminine power, neon, plexiglass, paint, fashion and photography for Miami Art Basel 2016. Holy Shit, Goddessphere is an immersive and conceptual sequel to Marina’s collaborative 2015 Art Basel show, Motelscape. The two will be curating visual art from an array of female//femme identified/queer artists from all over the world. Showcasing female drag performers and performance artists we are creating a platform to highlight the authenticity in the underground community. Grab your tickets to the fun show.




First in Flight is bringing the breeze this Basel hailing all the way from the windy city. Chicago’s best in art and music team up with some dope international acts like Telepopmusik to bring you 2 days of Sites & Sounds Festival in and around Wynwood. The best part? Feel the burn from the Pulse Portal coming in hot straight from the Playa. Starting Friday and going full force into Saturday this year 1 feels like it’s coming for all the Basel glory. Tickets going at lightning speed get yours now & don’t miss this shit.




Red Bull Music Academy joins forces with Mexico City’s NAAFI crew, hosting 12 hours of revolutionary global club mayhem during this year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach. Apparently this shit is going to be off the fucking chain because 1. Red Bull always come through with the good good ( RIP GUEST HOUSE ) 2. Have you heard of these guys? NAAFI ? It’s a fucking Mexican rave gang and the special guests are all monsters who are going to slay everyone at Coyo Taco. Pick this party if you want to seriously rage and don’t have any allergies to tequila.




Made infamous in Miami by DJs Gooddroid and Bonnie Beats, Catwalk is the answer to anyone’s prayers who used to watch Paris is Burning late at night practicing death drops in your PJs with your prima. This shit is no joke and the LEGENDARY Mike Q will be will be in attendance. Categories are open to all and cash is king so if you’re feeling fishy and ready for the runway make your way to this SICKENING Friday Night of Basel Bitch realness.




Fresh-off a recent Boiler Room collab and sold-out shows in Toronto & LA, RINSED is putting together a fully immersive rave night in Wynwood, Miami on December 3rd. Headlined by Bermuda Triangle Native and Pineal Warrior Otto Von Schirach & Brooklyn’s very own Jubilee this party will fufill all your warehouse rave fantasies with music and an array of visual spectacles. “The Mama Matrix concept stemmed from an overwhelming need to reinsert the ever pervasive maternal energy, that connects all things, back into our culture. We love alliteration almost as much as we love our moms, ALMOST as much as we love matrices, so it just clicked. *clk* Expect a collage of barrier dissolving art and bizarre technologic tension amongst a slew of talented strangers, and a concept clash unlike anything else at Basel.” -Blacky II We see you Rinsed.. We see you.




Around Miami, female artists, musicians and entrepreneurs work hard to establish themselves in this city, DREAM GRL aims to shine some neon glow on the vision these women spark with their unique forms of artistic expression. Expect interactive bubble-gum colored installations, pixel perfect paws by Porn Nail$, pop-up shops, murals feat. a young Leo, with DJ’s and live performances by bad ass bitches like Basside, Virgo and the HBIC Origami. This pastel party promises to be a real pill. Get the full T here.




If you think you lost your keys Sunday morning worry not, head to the nearest marina or call your friend with the boat and start island hopping in Biscayne Bay until you find this secret island soiree. Brought to you by the realest party animals in the Game : The Electric Pickle & Rhonda Intl. WHERE ARE MY KEYS will be your last vacation from reality or just a good place to pass out in the shade with sand in your toes and Disco bumping through your ears.




Nothing spells out full on liver failure like H2L. Hard to Leave has become a true Basel tradition for a self respecting party aficionado who laughs at the sunrise and keeps a band of singles in their pocket ready for the floor. Haunted by the ghosts of Gold Rush, E11EVEN Miami is the new home for The Overthrow’s last hurrah before it’s time to pack it all up and head to rehab… or the airport. This year JAUL heads up the soon to be announced roster of all stars and degenerates. Get your tickets now and secure your spot by the main pole.

We hope this hit list helps with all your Basel party anxieties as much as the half Xanax you usually take when trying to plan your week. RSVP, Buy Tickets do whatever you need to do and remember not to drive because you’ll spend half the night looking for parking.

BASELTOV, Bitches. (Article by Veronica Gessa)