As you might of seen on the cover of our newest publication release, MINI-ISSUE 5: SEXUAL out now in our webstore, the cover was done by an Anonymous Artist. Not because the artist wasn’t known but rather wants to stay an anonymous creator of the works. In a time when social media and internet famous is a rapidly spreading phenomenon due to social apps such as Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, it’s refreshing to see an artist not give a fuck. We did however get permission to point you all in the direction of more of their work, just click the link below. This spread, done exclusively for NAKID as a follow up to the issue release, is done in all pink unlike the MINI-ISSUE 5 cover. As a new addition, the spread is part of the on-going series which started on Instagram in March of 2015 with a single post per day, 5 days a week. It quickly gained momentum and it wasn’t long before the artist was getting submissions. Their followers sent in photos and asked the artist to draw them – they ended up posting over 90 drawings before Instagram shut them down after 4 1/2 months. By that time they had about 10K followers, a sad new reality in social media – artist censorship. So they did what any great artist does, says fuck them and moved the content to Tumblr hoping to avoid getting shut down again, and now here we are – Hopefully the establishment will get over themselves soon and free the nipple along with censoring the art that moves the world, we shall see, but until then we will be here to keep your feed inspiring and uncensored, enjoy!

See more of the Artist’s work here:  TUMBLR

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