Gabino Mabalay, a seattle based photographer.He and model Pure Rebel got together and shot this underwater series in lake Washington exclusively for us here at NAKID!

“Abstract concepts have been inspiring me the most lately. As a 5’2 full time freelance model, most of my paid work flaunts glamour or art nude figure studies in a studio setting. Just about every shoot in my waking life is a positive experience, but the projects that depict a deeper reflection of my imagination transcend my “modeling career” into a free-form of expression. I am one of those creatures who have lucid dreams and vivid nightmares, many of these I have written notes on and discovered a common thread: being in a large body of water, floating, flooding rooms, and other sinking themes. Underwater modeling is one of the most challenging styles, and I have begun exploring more about how to pose and emote underwater in ways that express the subconscious takeover of the dreams that haunt and inspire me. Gabino and I have been friends for quite some time, and he happens to be having an underwater obsession at the same time as I. His work never ceases to amaze me, and I was so glad we randomly decided to jump into Lake Washington together, on the last partly sunny summer day in Seattle that was slightly above 60 degrees.”
-Pure Rebel

See more of Gabino’s work here: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

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