Earlier this week we featured model Marisa Papen’s charity work, Plastic Sushi, and today we feature the editorial that brings to light the ongoing struggle between human waste and nature within the oceans.

Everyday in Bali hundreds of tons of trash washes ashore, but you never see it. The reason, because they have a scheduled ‘trash pickup’ every morning before tourists and others flock to the beaches. World renowned model, Marisa Papen, currently in Bali, wanted to do something about it. Rather than showcasing the pristine beaches of Bali which is a falsehood, she wanted to show everyone what it is really like and ventured to the shores to shoot a selfie to bring awareness to this epidemic. Through her new company, Plastic Sushi, she is doing just that, and we wanted to help support by showcasing her efforts and cheering her on!

You can find more info on Plastic Sushi here:  PLASTIC SUSHI

You can see more of Marisa Papen’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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