Andrew, one of the influencers part of the artistic collective known as FLING FLING, recently approached us with this amazing short film and editorial featuring this group of models out for a night run, a nude night run, which is just fucking awesome; we were all about it! FLING FLING, his collective, was founded in 2014 on this premise:  Be different, be yourself, be extraordinary. A motto they live by and influences them and their work along with their loves of fashion and film! They want to seamlessly bring those two worlds together, creating movements with models, brands and individuals speeding in their respective lanes.

We asked Andrew what drove this idea for the shoot and to tell us a little a bit of the thought process within it:

“Having travelled from my home of Sydney to Gold Coast, Queensland for a number of shoots. Myself, Sasha Baldwin & Jamaal Stevens were stoked to realise that my shooting trip was going to coincide with the biggest super moon we might see in our lifetime. We had always wanted to shoot on the beach at night and with the extra light the moon was going to be beaming, we realised there was no better time – so they got a few friends together and the ‘Super Moon Nude Run’ was born.”

See more of the FLING FLING Team’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

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