At this point if you are familiar with the Houston music scene, you should also be familiar with George West, the drummer turned producer with an enigmatic love for interspersing chilled melodies with hints of abstract yet solid drum patterns. His inspiration has been known to be originated by the long road trips him and his family ventured on during his early life. It was the never-ending congenital scenery of the South Texas roads that provoked a colorful spark on his early imaginative conscience. You can now listen to ‘Mustang Island’ the first track from West’s upcoming EP ‘Palmetto’.

When we asked George about the inspiration behind the EP he mentions, “The name Palmetto comes from a street name in South Houston. That is where it all began for my mom and dad growing up here in the states. The are originally from a small town about 30 minutes away from Monterrey Mexico called Dr. Gonzalez. So when they go here to the states my grandparents bought a house on Palmetto street and that is where my parents first starting dating then later on got married young, not knowing where life would take them, everything was new to them but they still managed to make it. At the house on Palmetto, there was a small detach apartment and my parents lived there for a bit when I was a new born baby. This EP is dedicated to my parents they have shaped me into what I am today, they always supported me in what I do, they let me be creative, funny, and weird and they never judged me for it. I owe them this and much more.”


If you are in the Houston area make sure to check out Geroge West’s Release Party on Feb 18th at Wonky Power Live and keep an ear out for his EP coming out the same date.

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Photography by  Marcelo Quiñones.