Artist Harley Cope currently jet-sets between London and New York creating his works all while finishing a Degree in Fine Arts, at Chelsea College of Arts, in London. Recently we stumbled across his work and spoke to him about a new sculpture/mixed media project created by Cope and what the idea and explanation behind the little nude figurines is..

Explanation behind the project:

“My work, Little Morals, is a small scale 3D print of my human body. The work stands at the height of 6 cm and is made in the material sandstone. The series of work presents my physical identity in an action figure evocative designation. My aim is to exploit the irrational characteristics of human behaviours through engaging in provocative gestures and situating them in urban environment where they would conventionally be deemed as unacceptable. The sculptures provide a context to explore the possibilities of persona and behaviour. Uniform will be used to indicate hypothetical scenarios that force a specific persona onto the character. The work has a slapstick essence and encourages the viewer to be entertained at the expense of the artist. Simultaneously it incites an element of shock as the acts are considered exclusive to intimate environments and are explicit in their vulgarity and crudeness. The photographic element to the work is of primary importance as the environments facilitate the sculpture and create the narrative. The work has been photographed in settings around London, Miami and New York.”

See more of Harley Cope’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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