LA-based singer/songwriter, Gallo, created this amazing Christmas/Holiday spread exclusively for NAKID! Collaborating and shooting with Rony Alwin and Tashi Fay made it all come together in an incredible collage series. Musical come up, Gallo, has a taste for everything creative, not just music, and it shows. She dubs the holiday series “A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY”, making each piece unique and inspired from the form of a 1950’s Christmas / holiday poster. Collage artist Tashi Fay created the collages and famed LA photographer Rony Alwin captured it all!

When asked about the work and spread, Gallo had this to say:

“I LOVE movies especially older classics from the 50s and 60s. I get a lot of inspiration from cinema so one day I was sitting looking through old horror movie posters (those are always the most fun to look at!!) and thought how interesting it would be to make my own movie posters inspired by some old film titles! I love the fact that, even though those films are timeless, they’re not as scary anymore when compared to the films we see today. So I wanted to channel the innocence of the horror films back then and make a parody of them. I thought the perfect way to do this was to involve the theme of Christmas, since it’s right around corner. Et voilà! That’s how the “A Christmas Horror Story” series was born!”


As a leading lady of her perpetual Quentin Tarantino fantasy, Gallo shines a technicolor light on the alternative music scene. Her dark melodic tendencies are matched with origami-like lyrics, elegantly folded and refolded until they are perfectly angled, pointed, and elegant. With her Rhodes in-tow, she delivers a haunting performance dripping in custom couture and dark humor.

Though most of Gallo’s life has been nestled under a canopy of Hollywood lights, her childhood was spent in a nomadic fashion taking her all around the world. For the American/Lebanese woman, her surroundings were ever-changing. Because of this, music served as her reliable safe haven, transporting her to fantastical galaxies in unknown dimensions.

Inspired by the pop prowess of Robyn and moodiness of Portishead, Gallo plans to release her body of music during the remainder of 2016 and beyond. She explains, “I am a human mood ring…I’m not trying to write music for validation.” In other words, brace yourselves.

See more of Gallo’s work here:   INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

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