In an untraditional way, artist William Grob has taken fine art to new heights and opened viewers eyes to a new way of seeing it. fine art nudes traditionally are presented a certain way with some leeway, but Grob has taken that mindset and thrown it to the side, taking photography and collage, ink, paint and more; mixing the two, presenting his version of fine art nudes. In this, his first exclusive NAKID feature, he presents a series that is a mix  medium, working directly over photographs with pens and paint. He takes the photographs on 35mm, prints the image out large (120 x 90cm) then hand colors them to completion – the work is brilliant and mind-bending!
“The digital revolution has altered how we perceive honesty. A photograph used to hold a truth but in today’s society we don’t know what to believe. Editing and manipulation is so sophisticated today that the real is hard to see, what we perceive is not what we necessarily see.”
-William Grob
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BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami