‘Cheap Thrillers’ is an expedition to the chaotic mannerisms and concupiscent mentality of a young rebel mind. A mind in a quest to self-discovery. Questioning every thought and idea that crosses the path, with a very condescending and hypersexual aptitude. The storyline is inspired by those times in the 90’s where teens spend their days out and about. Venturing into all kinds of adventures and indulging in some illicit activities, digesting mind-altering substances and experimenting with one’s sexual boundaries. All without the need for validation.



For this vision, I linked up with newcomer Steve Stearns who’s look was something taken straight from a 90’s cult classic movie. We scouted the Austin-based musician turn into a model during our last trip to ATX, after a few drinks and talks of psych rock and 90’s thrillers the idea pretty much formed itself. Anthony Meza also collaborated as a counterpart to Steve’s character, bringing a more grounded and protective vibe to the shoot.

Photographer and Stylist: Manuel Frayre 

Model: Steven Stearn and Anthony Meza


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