Photographer Milz Castro uses his tools to bring concepts to life, this, his most recent exclusive for NAKID, shot in his New York City studio. Castro is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in New York, his love for the arts began in his teens navigating the city as a young graffiti writer and being immersed in the city’s vibrant 1980s and 1990s underground club and art scene. Castro honed his skills while working as a photographer’s assistant; learning lighting and darkroom techniques, and working with 35mm, medium format, and vintage Polaroid cameras, which he continues to use in the digital age. Heavily influenced by the city and his circle of friends, Milton’s (Milz) photography primarily deals with sexuality and tries to find ways to demystify and normalize subject matters that seem taboo to the masses. After working in fashion for over a decade as a creative consultant and brand manager, Milz Castro has fallen in love once again with photography and is shoot non stop. He now lives and works out of his studio in the Bronx and together with his wife Laura Moya they began a collective called “The 2nd Wave Project” to produce work together and collaborate with other artists.

Forming a collective called “The 2nd Wave Project” with his wife, Laura Moya, the two now collaborate together on series and shoots. In this exclusive they teamed up with model Ximena Balmori.



See more of Milz Castro’s work here:  INSTAGRAM

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