You may not know who Joseph Finegan is but we guarantee after you see this article you are gonna wanna see more! We didn’t know of Finegan either, we must admit, until recently, when we stumbled across his work on Instagram randomly. The images hit a chord with us, see, we are always trying to find artists that are not just pushing boundaries and limits with sexuality and freedom of expression but with artists in all aspects of creativity, and Finegan definitely has his own unique voice within his works. He has just dropped his new book, ‘DO NOT DISTURB’, a collection of works that he curated of his own creation touching on so many subjects surrounding human nature and sexual appetites – when we asked Finegan to explain the book and his meaning behind it he had this to say:

“For the past two years Joseph Finegan has been documenting the lives of anonymous people he meets online and the things they do behind closed doors. Working from a hotel room Joseph captures the unheard of and gives an insight into a world which many didnt know existed. Basically Ive always wanted to produce work which is different and challenges people. I think my images do that, not to mention its real, everyday people meeting up in hotels before they go home to their wives at night. Its crazy but it exists. Ive been doing this for two years and my book shows it all. In terms of subject I guess my book touches on sex, fetish and crossdressing, but above all else the generation we live in and the lengths some people go to for sexual desire.”
You can see more of Joseph Finegan’s work here:  INSTGRAM / WEBSITE
You can purchase ‘DO NOT DISTURB’, a book by Joseph Finegan, here:   BUY HERE

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