Photographer Grant Spanier and model Iona teamed up for a special project series exclusive for NAKID. The series spans a series of images from Spanier of Iona mingling around the house in striking poses and moments, some with captions adding to the mystery of the shots and what is in young Iona’s mind as we travel through their story together. Shot on all 35mm film in Portland, OR, where NAKID recently road tripped for NAKID ON THE ROAD, Spanier says, “Before I ever “met” Iona I could feel her. I guess some stars get caught up in another’s gravitational pull and the universe conspires to bring them together — I noticed her gravity long before I ever saw her in person (it’s science). I took a train to Portland to see her, to investigate if the magnetism and general quantum physics checked out, or if it was an anomaly. When we got close enough to touch it was far beyond “feeling” … but the only phrase close enough in this language is “I feel you.” She kept telling me that while we were shooting, though it wasn’t out loud.”

See more of Grant Spanier’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

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