Recently Dustin Hollywood + Charis Kirchheimer received one of the most badass  gifts from LOVEISART. This is possibly the coolest gift we’ve ever gotten not to mention it is definitely one of the most interesting things we have ever created as a couple and artist collaboration! We received one of these awhile back in black and gold which was awesome but this time around we got creative, even using glitter! LOVEISART is the genius creation of painter and artist Jeremy Brown who founded the movement and mimics his signature ‘drip’ painting method. The overall theme and purpose of the kit is that a couple gets together, lays the canvas out on the ground or whatever, gets naked, and fucks on the canvas with paint all over their bodies creating a work of art through their sexual love making! Doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl, however your like it, put the paint on the points of your body that contact the ground and be sure to move A LOT for the best paint exposure on the canvas. Myself and Charis spent about an hour creating ours and here is the outcome!
You can get all kinds of kits and paint colors, we had gold, and they come with everything you need to clean up, keep the paint from ruining your floor or room, and to wash off afterwards with the spunge washer – as well as all the ingredients to create the painting. All that is left afterwards is for it to dry (it’s water based paint so it dries quickly) and for you to choose where to hang it and get it framed!
See more from LOVEISART here: WEBSITE

nakid-house-2017-175nakid-house-2017-178 nakid-house-2017-182 nakid-house-2017-179 nakid-house-2017-188 nakid-house-2017-191 nakid-house-2017-193

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