Today we’re hanging out with New York-based rock n roll band, High Waisted. With music that sounds like you’re taking your bae for a day the beach, High Waisted leaves us nostalgic for summer vibes all year long. Fronted by New York it-girl, Jessica Louise Dye, and backed by three long-haired hotties – you’re gonna wanna join their party. We’re also honored to debut their latest music video so check it out here!!


music: High Waisted

photos + interview by: Rachel Lynch


How did you develop your sound? Did you know what you were going for before you starting playing together?

“I was sitting on a handful of cheerful little surf songs when I met my bandmates and I had a clear vision of the type of band I wanted to be in. I wanted to perform feel good tunes and I knew before we met the direction I wanted to go: from the guitar tones to the color palette of our record art. It’s amazing to see it realized!”

Have you guys always wanted to make music?

“My bandmates have always been in bands. I was a terribly late bloomer, always a fan of bands, but never in one. I’ve been playing guitar for abut five years now, it’s never too late to follow a dream!” 

What genre would you consider High Waisted?

“Surf-Pop-Garage-Rock? Feel good music.”


Where did the name High Waisted come from?

“It was a stupid little note I scribbled in a journal from middle school, “High Waisted vs High Wasted.” I just fell in love with it.” 

You guys all wear pretty amazing outfits – do you plan that? Do you all have a similar style?

“Putting on our stage looks is part of the transformation, and helps me combat stage fright. We love playing dress up and it’s something we think about, just like old surf bands from the 60’s used to coordinate their costumes. We’re really lucky our friend and stylist Jamie McCarty helps us pull amazing looks and even designs us custom pieces.” 

When you guys are on tour do you take your van everywhere? I feel like your van is pretty famous – can you brief us on the evolution of that.

“We bought our van for dirt cheap from a friend in Brooklyn. It’s a graffiti covered trash can we screwed some seats into. The back doesn’t have windows and the ac doesn’t work, but we decorated it to feel like a tiki disco. The exterior was painted during a wake for Nekst, one of the members of the art collective Deth Kult. Since then, people have recognized the art on our van all over the country and added their own tags. We recently ran into Optimo on the street in Chelsea. He chased us down and gave us a quick touch up! It’s so Brooklyn, we love touring this beat up junker.” 


What’s a High Waisted show like? What is your audience usually doing? Is it a party? Is it fun? I’m getting excited to see you guys play in New York.

“Every show is the ultimate party. I promise you will get bopped on the head with a balloon and will get confetti in your drink. I love looking out at a crowd of laughing dancing faces!” 

Where do you see High Waisted going? Do you guys want to play international shows or make more albums?

“The moon. Underwater. The top of Everest. Just kidding. We’re writing and recording a new record this spring and hitting the road coming to a city near you!” 

And now.. We are happy to present their latest music video, Trust

you can get a little more of them here & keep an eye out for tour dates!