Today on NAKID we have a very special exclusive editorial starring ISSUE II alum and artist/model Taylor Lashae shot by the amazingly talented LA based photographer/artist Asher Moss, better known to his following as BasementFox! Moss and Lashae’s styles couldn’t be more in sync and complimenting – the two exude a refreshing nostalgia with their work but with a present state of mind, a mysterious window from the now into the past. Taylor Lashae, previously featured in NAKID, is a girl on the go – whether it be acting, modeling or creating for her own works of art, the young chic beauty is paving a way for herself and catching the creative eye of everyone along the way. Un-like Lashae, this is Asher Moss’ first feature with NAKID and he is definitely making a splash, and although this is his first editorial with us we have followed his work for years, all the way back to his Texas days. His work is mesmerizing and emotional, evoking a feeling that leaves you inspired and moved – often his works are shot with polaroids and film, and of subjects that emit a creative emotional bond between you and the photo/art itself.

Today they present the special editorial titled ‘VANITY‘, assisted by Moss’ partner in crime and in life, Melodi Meadows, on styling who is an artist/model/renaissance women in her own right, with makeup and hair by the amazing Charlotte Prevel.

See more of Asher Moss’ work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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