Tamara Bombardelli is a music and fashion film by director Marcella Zanki. The film starts off with some stunning aerial shots of a women laying in a lonely deserted road wearing a wedding gown. Then cuts into some interesting shots of a very stylish couple enjoying a drive down the lonely roads. The visuals of the film scream fashion and refined aesthetics. At the same time, the atmospheric tunes together with the narrator’s message make us question wether this film is an interpretation of a very abstract and enigmatic dream or a twisted and reality. Such vision was the one that gathered Marcella a spot as official selection in many film festivals all over the world, from South Africa to Canada.



Marcella Zanki is music video, short and fashion film director and photographer, with a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design College. She is part of “”Photo VOGUE Collection at Art + Commerce (New York)””, recently started to exhibit her art work in galleries.

You can follow up with more of Marcella’s work via Website, Instagram or Tumblr.





Director: Marcella Zanki

Production: “kreativna agencija” Milan Latković, Duje Kundić

Edit / Color correction / Postproduction: Sandro Baraba

Costume: Tamara Bombardelli

Organization: Nela Perković

Models: Klara Mucci, Ana Petra Čubelić, Božo Žeravica

Sound: Sandro Baraba, Willem Miličević

Text: Tamara Bombardelli

Text Translation: Mirna Vidaković; Ivana Jelavić Šako

Voiceover: Pippa Vos

Music: SymbolOne


Music: SymbolOne



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