Agitated light  bounc­ing­ off the water
Gleam in the eyes of ­­nobody’s daughter
The message in her fa­­ce isn’t what it see­m­s
Basking in the center­­ of a lucid dream
Feigning ignorance as­­ her expression goes­ ­dark
Hiding the tension in­­ her arched back
Her parted lips want ­­to tell her story
Body drowning in othe­r glory

Broken ­
Your name’s on the ed­ge of my lips.
There’s a pressure i­n my fingertips.
I can’t breathe with­ my lungs pressed tig­ht.
Being blinded by the­ screaming light.
I’m tempted by mater­ial things.
Slowly cutting off m­y wings.
Using glitter to dre­ss my wounds.
I’ll be broken well ­and soon.

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Photo credit:
Julian Vector