Images by Jake Was Here

Beau Young Prince, might just be the hardest working rapper in DC at the time. If he is not out doing short films and photo shoots he is at the studio either working on his many solo projects or as part of the electronic rap duo Young Futura.The Washington native is currently promoting two of his latest projects, ‘Until Then’ a groovy and soulful album with a shameless and cynical attitude that projects such subtle confidence. The type of confidence that is not in your face overcompensating for what’s missing or afraid of what to come up next, it’s a genuine pride in your own work and your own persona.



Tracks like ‘Half and Half Tea’ and ‘Faded in the Night’ will proclaim a spot in your favorite playlists, especially the one you pull out when you and your lady are trying to get in the mood, somewhere along the list with some new Tory Lanez, They. or Post Malone. Yet, for the more elevated crowds ‘Forgive the Actions, Forget the Intent’ will hit the right spot when you are two blunts deep, such sound could be compared to some old Frank or some Spooky Black.


On the other side, we have ‘Patience’ the collaborative EP from Young Prince and French producer Futura’s super duo Young Futura. Which has a similar flow but with a Deep House touch and a NYC club kid vibe. For this project, Futura brings something very unique to table with this project, it’s the contrast between the different genre and lifestyles from the both very different artist that make this project one of a kind. Tracks like ‘We get lit’ and ‘Slide’ will get you jumping off your chair and vogue your way all around your house, it’s contagiously unapologetic, it makes you feel boss.

Young Prince will be bringing his groovy tunes to SXSW this year so make sure you keep an eye out for his moves out there.
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