After more than five album cycles as one-half of the super duo The Piercers, Cat decided that it was time to experiment and try the solo route. Together with director Anthony Langdon she brings us ‘You Belong to Me’ an obscure tale of lost love and regret. The track is a slow production with some spooky melodies with dramatic accents and some excitable synths. Her vocals are as enchanting as can be, like the chant of a mermaid or some type of divine creature, it seriously grabs you in and holds you tight from beginning to end.

As Cat explains it, “the inspiration for the mood was the Rumi quote, ‘What you seek is seeking you’ since the song is about mutual obsession. I kept having dreams and visions of a woman in white wandering through the suburbs not really knowing whether she is chasing something or being chased. The song is about wanting to possess someone because of the way they make you feel and the beautiful madness that can take over.”
You Belong To Me” marks the solo debut of Catherine Pierce, better known as one half of the Los Angeles-based indie-pop sister duo, The Pierces. The song was written by Cat and produced by Jason Lader (Frank Ocean, James Blake, Andre 3000). It takes the listener on a journey, transporting them into a bold sonic landscape that draws from sounds of both the past and the future. Slinky synths, tempered percussion and piano flourishes set the scene, with Cat’s bewitching vocal rising above the decidedly dark production.

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c4qicrfvcaezhtvImages via Cat’s Facebook