Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand’s pioneering globally conscious, cross-cultural celebration of art, music and life came back for its third instalment last week. Over the course of four days, The Fields at Siam Country Club welcomed over
10,000 like minded Wonderers from all around the globe, becoming a melting pot of multiple cultures from East and West who came together not just to have a good time, but also to make positive change.

“What makes Wonderfruit distinct in terms of our organizational structure is that sustainability was our starting point and then the fun and activities were curated around that,” said Pranitan “Pete” Phornprapha, Founder and Creative Director, Wonderfruit. “We firmly believe that real change is driven by actions, not words so this year, on top of existing practice of using biodegradable water bottles and building from recyclable materials, we built a stage out of rice, and managed to become a net positive event by investing in Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Borneo, Indonesia.”








Since its inception, Wonderfruit has set itself apart from other festivals, and this year it was truly obvious that there is so much more to it than great music. The team behind Wonderfruit went above and beyond and crafted an intricate experience that pioneered new grounds in arts, music, creativity, cultural diversity and inclusion – all interwoven with innovative sustainability. The Fields were transformed into a magical cross cultural playground where Wonderers could create, share experiences and interact with numerous art pieces scattered around the site.

Committed to its ethos, Wonderfruit joined hands with Johnnie Walker to launch #WEWILLKEEPWALKING campaign that focused on offsetting carbon emissions. Many bars offered “Mangrove Drinks” served in a special cup and priced at a dollar more than the other items on the menu. These were much more than just cocktails as for each and every glass that was purchased, more than 1,000 mangrove trees would be planted in the delta region of Myanmar. The event was also completely cashless as all Wonderers received an RFID wristband, courtesy of Bangkok Bank.












Sunsets and sunrises were a majestic site this year as Wonderers made their way to the Solar Stage to witness flamboyant parades, and groove to the pulsing beats of DJs like Wolf + Lamb, KMLN, Sabo and Eric Volta. The focal point of The Fields was designed by the masterminds Gregg Fleishman and Melissa Barron, but what made the stage really come to live, was the sense of unity and inclusion as Wonderers climbed the structure, mingled with each other and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. You can hear what Gregg and Melissa had to say about the stage below.

“This structure was designed for exploration through climbing to allow the community to come together and contemplate sacred geometry and the sacredness of existence. – vents like Wonderfruit that bring people together to appreciate their connections and surroundings, are the perfect place for this installation.”Gregg Fleishman

“The Solar Stage was literally LIT! We built it to hold MANY and it was put to the test! It was packed for the sunrise and sunset performance sets with people dancing, climbing, hanging out, surrounding, and grabbing a nap in it – creating a breathing, 3D, multilevel, immersive, DJ, dancing, performance, play, and gathering space like I’ve never seen!”Melissa Barron

The air of debauchery crept in as the crowd moved to the Living Stage that was set off with an eye-popping arch of dazzling peacock feathers. Over the course of four days, the flamboyant structure saw Wonderers go crazy to heavy hitting beats by Young Fathers and Rudimental, sway to mesmerizing tunes by Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra, and sing in unison to Lianne La Havas.






The magnificent Farm Stage was another social and artistic statement that celebrated Thailand’s traditional rice farming culture and the ceremonies that surround it. Brought to The Fields by TAT, the stage hosted some renowned music acts like Buke and Gase, Yena, Superglasses Ska Ensemble, and thanks to its unique design that extended right into the Wonderfruit Farm, also lead Wonderers to explore various activities and workshops set in rice paddies and beyond.

Wanderers not ready to call it a night continued their journey through The Fields to The Quarry, Wonderfruit’s iconic after-hours destination brought to The Fields by Absolut. This year, party goers danced non-stop to Simian Mobile Disco, Yaya and Dragon, were slain by dark and deep techno set by Berghain and Boiler Room resident, Headless Horseman, and went absolutely crazy when Nicole Moudaber took over the deck and guided the crowd through a techno journey, leaving the Wonderers pleading for more.

As Wonderers climbed the ladder of Molam Bus by Jim Thompson Art Centre to dance to Thai folk music, chilled at The Ziggurat by Singha and Moon Shack by Sangsom, or got fabulously messy at “Adam and Steve”, Wonderfruit’s first ever gay party, one could feel the power of community coming together to create the magic of Wonderfruit. From The Rainforest Pavilion where Scratch Talks took place, The Sharing Neighbourhood by SC ASSET, and Camp Wonder filled with curious little Wonderers, to A Taste of Wonder and Wonder Salon, and the Theatre of Feasts where mouth-watering dishes were served in “family style”, Wonderers could be seen exploring, sharing and celebrating life together with like minded folk.

“Was experiencing the shadows of depression at the start of this year but through Wonderfruit therapy, I’m feeling like my happy self again! Can’t express the gratitude of colourful friends and generous vibes! Thank you for reaching out and allowing me to feel vulnerable in times of need!”A Wonderfruit attendee






Wonderfruit has wrapped up its third installment, providing Wonderers with a dazzling experience and memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you back again to The Fields, so please stay tuned for updates on upcoming Wonderfruit or visit our Website for more information.