There is something about working with Cameron Steele that always seems to feel natural and easy going. Last time we collaborated for the ‘Made of Gold’ project, it was the first time we met and things just kicked off right away. I am the type of photographer that comes in with a solid concept, ready to work, ready to let the creative flow explode and the magic happen. So sometimes is hard to find models with the same energy levels and enough curiosity to let you guide them into the concept. Working with Cam was just like that, so fast paste, shot after shot so much energy. It was great.

For this installation, we played around with some darker colors, more of a lazy vibe hanging out at home in the middle of a Sunday evening. A ‘Your friends hate you, you hate people, you just want to be alone with your music and your drugs’ kind of sinister vibe. Nothing wrong with a little me time to reflect on life choices, to appreciate some Bjork and do some recreational drugs. This is what that ‘Me time’ would look like through Cam and my Eyes.


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BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami