Crywolf has done it again, managing to build a sound that holds true to his unique style and what his fans expect all while balancing a new direction and evolution of his writing and production. His new EP release, ‘SKELETONS‘, is a journey through the last two years of his life as often is the case with singer/songwriters – but Crywolf has managed to find rhythm and movement from start to finish, evoking emotion and soft melody ringing in your ears with tracks like “Lemniscate (The Place Between Sleeping and Awake)” which makes you just wanna jump out of your chair and start doing air drums and dancing. Slowly transforming through each song, the story and the artist in perfect rhythm, something truly amazing, all culminating in possibly the best song and the shortest by 2/3 the others in comparison, “Skeletons (Without You)” is brilliantly structured, and Justin’s singing in reverse in perfect harmony is spectacular. This is going to be one of the best albums of the year guaranteed!


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See him perform LIVE at this year’s NAKID MAGAZINE + PRIME music showcase in Austin, TX – NAKID HOUSE 2017 – Friday, March 17th, 2017!