Jenna Citrus, is an Artist she believes that art is a constantly evolving medium without boundaries it morphs to reflect or fight current culture. Art is an attempt to capsulize a memory, a lifetime.
Art does not exist in a vacuum, nor does life. Everything influences everything, we are all connected.
Balancing is the best act to invest in. Art can not be categorized by media any longer; art blurs all of the lines of media, science, engineering, design, and the traditional media: drawing, graphic design, illustration, interactive media, painting, photography, sculpture, woodworking, and ceramics. This multi-media attitude towards art lends itself to calling life art and letting pieces blend into other pieces.

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As an artist, I am driven by process and continuation of the image. After I began to work at a portrait studio and became a photographer in my own right, I felt like something was missing. I would go to great lengths to create a digital image that would find a home as a digital print. However, I wanted something more. I reached out to stock agencies and local musicians and my images started to appear as book covers and album art. I was enamored with the idea of each image finding a final resting place where it could become a symbol for another piece of art. Since then I have used my design knowledge to assist several local writers with book design. I still craved more for my pieces.

In my recent series, Flower Paintings and The Hand Painting Series, I capture a painting in stages. While developing the painting, I record several phases of the paint shifting. This led to a variety of images that could be continued as a pattern for different products. With these images I began to explore surface design and experimented with variations of what a final image could look like.

My work expresses the communal interaction of the human figure and nature. Whether by stenciling, body adornment, or digital overlay, I use leafs and flowers to link human spirituality with nature’s beauty.

My recent solo exhibition at The University of Southern Indiana, Process, utilizes diverse media in the form of clothing, printed blankets, digital prints, photographic images exploring my process of creating and linking nature to people. Additionally, I feature a distinctive way of applying paint to canvas in The Hand Painting Series while still continuing to explore alternative uses for photography. With the continuation of my education in a master of fine arts program, I intend to continue my experimentation with multiple types of surface design for furthering the reach of photography and to go far beyond the dimensions of the canvas.

These pieces are a continuation of my Hand Painting Series.

Model: Brittany Hunter