Today we’re lucky enough to release a new photo story by New York-based artist, Kristin Gallegos. Not only is she a photographer, but she’s also a badass makeup artist and DJ. What I love most about her work is that she creates every aspect of it. She does the creative directing, props, styling and beauty for most of her shoots.

In this story, Kristin shot her friend and muse, Alix Brown. Alix is a model, as well as a musician. She currently plays in two bands – Roya and Daisy Glaze. This shoot was inspired by 60’s French New Wave films, specifically Jean-Luc Godard films. The two of them shot around the Roxy Hotel and the Roxy Cinema, where they both DJ and host films. Take a peek into their European-chic, Brigitte Bardot world.


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Satin Suit Custom made by Amber Doyle, Striped turtleneck by Petite Bateau, Hat by Sorel, Vintage Sunglasses from Selima Optique, Gold Purse by Saint Laurent, Pamela Love Ring.

Body Suit by Maison Close

Trench Dress by L’ecole Des Femmes, Vintage sunglasses from Selima Optique, Heels from Charlotte Olympia

Slip Dress by Flora Nikrooz

Vintage beaded dress, Earrings by Tuleste