Fueled by a powerful and sophisticated vocal ability and a dramatic ocean-sounding like production, Charo Galura is not the type of artist you would find in your feed regularly. Her work is more intricate and polished then what our current market is used to, it is nonetheless easy to digest once you discover the curating powers of her soulful waves. It is absolutely stunning, and today we have a very histrionic and quite spooky music video for her single ‘Oh Lover’ a slow burning jewel with serene blues-like guitar riffs accented into all the right places. Check out the visuals below.

Video directed by Marco Della Fonte
Charo as “The Goddess of Death” and “The Ti Bon Ange”

Singer and songwriter Charo Galura ranges from blues to electronic in her musical journey. After collaborating with various artists and ensembles (Black Lemmings, Lux Departure, Noise Gate etc), she decided to focus on a solo project. From her musical experiences – especially blues, a genre she went deep into after some collaborations in London – and from her musical influences, a new project comes to life, in which the voice is at the core of composition. Sultry melodies play on one-chord vocal layers developed with a blues approach and an electronic taste. Charo wants to express feelings, create dreamlike, psychedelic and uncanny atmospheres. A music that kind of explores the mind. Life Through Apocalypse is Charo’s debut EP, coming on April 2017.

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Photo Mariangela of the night
Make-up & styling Ester Santacroce
Headpiece by Alessandro Mengozzi

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