Dallas is not messing around this year, there is much more going on there than what the world sees. Terrence Morris aka Terrence Spectacle is among the many talents fighting for the spotlight in the North Texas market.

‘One Summer Night’ is the sophomore EP from the curly headed lyricist. It is the result of endless trials of failed partnerships and collaborations and the struggles to find the right producers as well as trust-worthy label leadership. It was not an easy path but one that worked out for the better good. ‘One Summer Night’ is a well-constructed project with youthful and refreshing production along with seductive low-toned vocals reminiscent of a young Cudi. It’s a conjunction of sound and poetry, like an anthem for the young and responsible; the ones that embrace the easy-going things in life, but know the struggle it took to get there. Listening to the project in its entirety felt like a serious and responsible high trip, where you let your body be blindly instructed by the sick ass beats, yet the lyrics are demanding your attention throughout ponderous and slow burning poems. Tracks like ‘Lone Dirt Road’ and ‘Neck of my Woods’ are as relatable as a summer night out, feeling gassed up cruising with the squad. Yet songs like ‘Blinded’ carry a sincere and sensual drum line with alluring vocals, the type of tracks that might be good to keep in between you and your bae.
At the same time, tracks like ‘One Summer Night’ and ‘Clarity’ showcase a perplexed structure that is both mature and poetic, partnered with dramatic melody transitions that blend so utterly with Terrence’s spoken-word like bars dropped in between all the turn ups.



“The first single, Lone Dirt Road, is my curveball. It’s what nobody ever expected me to create,” he says. “The second single, Blinded, is my most sincere soliloquy yet. It’s my conversation with my past dilemmas in fairy tale-fashion.” While he is excited about what the project means for his career going forward, he knows that he couldn’t have done it without a stellar team—a team he’ll be leaning on in the years to come.


Thinking of the comparison between Spectacle’s previous work to this project, one thing is clear. There is a path of growth and potential for commercial and critical success down the road for the Dallas Native. Make sure to keep up as his story unveils.

DEFDISCO signee and producer, Ishmael Davison, aka Ish D, was among the first in the scene to take note of his music, and expressed a desire to collaborate.

“We stayed in touch throughout the years, and eventually I took a leap of faith, and trusted him with what would become ‘One Summer Night,’” Spectacle said. The five-track EP spans a year in the artist’s life in which he rose to prominence and released his first album, but it is by no means a happy record.



Spectacle will showcase his talents on stage after performances by two special guests to be announced. Doors open at 7 p.m. with live music starting at 8 p.m. The event is welcome to all ages and a ticket link will be released shortly online for $8 tickets in advance ($10 at the door).. Cinderblock is located at 4622 E. Grand Ave., Dallas, Texas 75223. Cop your way in HERE.

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