By: Amanda “Violet” Ravotti
Alex Vargas‘ compelling recent album, ‘Cohere’ just launched today. His music creates a very powerful, purposeful and positive landscape with its soulful melodies. “Inclosure” is the second track of the album and it instills in you a hopeful feeling with its positive lyrics and encouragement to take a leap of faith and move on.
Varga’s style of music prompts you to question your reality and encouraging you to not settle for less and forget about yesterdays to create the future you want today. His tone and lyrics are very action-oriented with melodies channeling one to think about getting things started and not waiting around for answers. You can experience what it feels like to hunger for a higher plane of progress and stop hesitating on pursuing your aspirations. The lyrics about sweet abandon, letting go of emotions and seeking out a peaceful plane make you feel relaxed and reflective as you swim in its depths.

His lyrics are quite soulful and its chill vibes truly make you question your existential purpose and incite you to tap in to your ultimate potential and be a trendsetter. He creates charm with his ability to mystify and transfix in a genre that can be considered trance and 80’s electronic. His relaxed style make his music feel conversational in a way that it hits on themes that are very relatable to those who are trying to find themselves and connect with their emotions.
Seek out to experience a wholesome and authentic journey full of unrepressed passion and emotions boldly painted throughout this album. It is both inspiring and rich in uplifting beats and electro synths. This is the perfect album to usher you towards basking beneath the radiant rays of summertime bliss.

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 Image by  Morten Rygaard 

Words by Violete Lynnn