‘Fey Clothing’ is an up and coming lingerie brand from California, its delicate and sensual designs accent women’s natural curves so eloquently. Their line is handmade and beautifully crafted, so much that we had to figure out who was behind it. Vanessa Peters recently sit down with designer Luna Fraina to talk about this promising project.

Thank for taking the time to interview with us, we’ve been watching you and your work ethic and it’s definitely something worth exploring, so let’s start at the beginning, what made you design that you wanted to be a casual lingerie designer in general?

  • I was making clothes at one point and I believed that I didn’t have the skills to really create what I wanted at the time, so out of frustration I decided to make myself a couple bras, and from there I would say I started a love affair with making lingerie. I remember my first creation was a gray lace paneled bralette with matching panties and a harness, from there I was obsessed with creating lingerie.

Wow out of frustration a passion was born, so your name is Luna but your collection is called ‘Fey Clothing’, why call it that rather than your own name or perhaps something else representing the essence of what you do?

  • As I mentioned I used to make clothes, and I was really in love with the name that I never thought to change it because in a way it reflected exactly what I wanted. FEY has many meanings but one of my favorites is: being in unnaturally high spirits, as were formerly thought to precede death. Following this line of thinking our happiest moments can be a precursor to death. With that in mind, FEY designs for those who are ready to take on this life, the lovers, the dreamers, the wonders, the lost, all while looking good in the process. And the idea of clothing was in a way, reflecting the change I wish there was with the way people view lingerie.

That an interesting take on it, the delicate nature of your pieces certainly reflects that, what materials do you work with the most when creating your work?

  • I love working a lot with different laces in many different colors and appliques, I think there is so much fun to be had with those materials!  But I also like to believe that I work with a lot of different materials and am open to working with most things.

Absolutely, I’m sure it breeds its own special kind of ingenuity. So you are based out of California, Los Angeles specifically, as most dope people seem to be?

  • As of recently, I was actually based in between Orange County and San Francisco, spending most of my time the past three years in San Francisco. Orange County is so close to Los Angeles, that I find myself working with so many talented creatives in the city, but I believe that San Francisco has allowed me to express myself more and collaborate with creatives that push boundaries. But back to the question, I actually grew up in Orange County, and for me, I think it was really isolating because I never really quite felt like there was a flourishing creative community when growing up, but things have definitely changed for the better in the O.C.  But because of that, I spent a lot of time creating and making art, and my proximity to Los Angeles always kept me inspired.

It’s an incredibly inspiring place so I’m sure it would keep you busy, with that said, being the founder and designer of Fey clothing, you are probably crazy busy, especially with showcasing your work in various formats, collaborations and the fact that your pieces are handmade to must add tot hat, would you consider yourself a workaholic and what do you do to bring things back to center when things are getting a little too crazy.

  • It’s funny to hear it worded that way because I guess I’ve never really realized how much I’m doing or at least how much of that is considered work. But I guess you could say I do have workaholic moments when I commit to working on things I spend hours on end, I hate leaving things unfinished. But whenever I need things to feel back to center I take time off to travel and experience new things to help inspire myself, and that always starts a new cycle of work and creativity.

Hate leaving things unfinished, I can certainly relate, definitely an all or nothing type of sensibility. Okay so finish this sentence for me: When I’m crazy rich one day I’m going to…

  • take care of my family first off and provide them with the stability they need. The second most important thing to me is traveling, therefore I would buy a couple nice houses in a few places around the world that hold a special place in my heart.

A special place in your heart, so then what makes you happy Luna?

  • I love being surrounded by friends and family, it just feels really natural. I just love situations where love is flowing between people, I think that’s the case for a lot of people, love is happiness for me.  With that said. I’m so happy and grateful to get to be my own boss and find happiness in my work. It’s crazy how doing what you love is a means to achieve other things in life that make you happy, because I’ve come to learn that it’s not easy for everyone to find.

No, it’s certainly not, it takes years for some people and lots of people never figure it out and end up remaining in the hamster wheel of life which obviously has its own negative elements. Talking shop a bit more though, what is your style philosophy?

  • I’ve personally thought about this a lot because I feel somewhat of an inner struggle because my style can’t really be defined or labeled as one thing, as a result, I always feel somewhat of an identity crisis with it. That’s a bit dramatic, but I’ve come to learn that my philosophy is to dress how you feel. Every day doesn’t feel the same, we don’t feel the same every day, so why should our style stay the same.

Life is fluid and I suppose style can be too. Could you walk us through a regular day with you Luna, assume were just a fly on the wall.

  • My regular day is never regular for more than a couple months. I just graduated college in December, moved, and then went traveling for a couple months and I just got back not too long ago. So I feel like because of my constant movement a regular day is me always trying to get accustomed to a new “regular.” But every day has a new project I want to conquer whether it be sewing a new bra, collaborating with a new artist, or just creating something completely separate from Fey Clothing, it’s important for me to be creating.

Spoken like a true creator. Did you undergo any formal training to design or cut cloth?

  • I did not actually, but it is something that I do want to go back to school for. I think a lot can be done without formal training, but it really helps with the insecurity of trying to make it in a business where most people have been formally taught.

Right competition can be daunting so it’s good to know that you have an edge. As a designer and a founder, I can imagine that it isn’t an easy process, some would argue that it’s one of the hardest, what do you think is the single biggest regret or struggle that you’ve had this far?

  • I think I tend to jump into things, or just get overwhelmed with ideas I want to put into fruition that I don’t give things the proper prep time they need. Things generally come out right and I’m usually happy with the outcome, but I guess I wish I took more time to prepare things at the beginning and create a clear plan. In short, maybe not being so ‘go with the flow’ with things.

I can understand that and it’s hard to really put things into a process when ideas are just engulfing you, but a good skill to have all the same. Could you explain the process that goes into making any one of your pieces, the rosebud thong and triangle mesh bralette set for example?

  • Usually, my pieces start with some unique thing and then I design the rest of the lingerie around it. Take the Rosebud set, for example, I found those beaded roses and was completely in love with the appliques so I decided that would be the next project. I chose what colors I liked with it and tried a couple different samples, and ended on the white mesh with the black finish. It always starts with some sort of unique trim, applique, or even a crazy colored fabric and then I build up from there.

Beautiful, it’s a lovely piece very sensual and playful all at once. Is there any underrated lingerie or swimwear brands that you want to show love to?

  • I’m so in love with the lingerie brand called Pansy, I love their simplicity and amazing art direction. I also love this swimwear company called NuSwim for the same reasons, and the owner Gina, is an absolute gem.

That’s awesome, we will check those designers out. I’m a huge fan of how ethereal and sensual your lingerie is, I’m even hesitant to call it lingerie because they are the kind of pieces that quaintrelle females wear around the apartment while on the bed, smoking a cigarette while reading a magazine and blasting Doja Cat’s ‘So High’ in 32 degree celsius weather.  What made you decide that this is the aesthetic you want to present to the world?

  • I love a minimal aesthetic and basic colors, but I’ve never really been able to design that way. I’m way more attracted to things that are unique and kind of dramatic, and those are the kind of women I imagine wear my lingerie. I want my lingerie to be about women not this idea of men’s pleasure, and I think that the lingerie kind of screams that aesthetic. It is totally for women to wear lounging around just feeling herself, I love the mental image you drew up!

*laughs* thanks, I do what I can. Is there a more popular piece that you sell?

  • The harnesses and harness bras are definitely my biggest sellers, and I think it is because of its versatility and easiness to wear. It can be used basically in any situation, over or under anything.

Touching on what you said about lingerie being made for ‘male pleasure’ that’s traditionally who it’s been made for. Like I think we’ve touched on, yours gives me the impression that it isn’t made for males in mind, I mean sure they can certainly appreciate it but the aesthetic itself, seems to be something to appreciated more by females, am I right or if I’m completely off base please school me on why.

  • Exactly! That is totally the point of my lingerie. I want my collection to empower women, and make them feel good in their bodies. In a time where girls are made to feel chaotic or confused about their appearance, I want my lingerie to help them embrace their beauty and take back ownership of their bodies. At the end of the day, it’s not important what others think about our bodies, it’s important that we think good thoughts about our own bodies, and I just hope my lingerie helps the lovely ladies of this world appreciate themselves.

I’m sure that’s happening the world over. What is the best part of what you do because let’s face it, if there were zero benefits, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

  • It’s hands down getting to work with creative and wonderful women all over the world. I’ve started so many relationships that I cherish to this day with artists or models that I’ve met through my work, and the chance to continue to meet more is so exciting to me.

Connecting with other creatives as a creative is really euphoric in a lot of ways so we can relate to that. Is there something else that you would be doing career-wise if you weren’t designing clothing?

  • I probably would be working in the entertainment business, like the music world. I actually went to school to do that and was working towards that until I realized that designing has been what I wanted to do since I was 5. Plus I feel like through my business I can connect with most aspects of the art world that inspire me, including music,  which I love because I never feel contained to one box.

We love that you followed what you love. Speaking of which, what’s your opinion on that, on love.

  • I love, love. I fall in love way too often. I fall in love with the way the sunset reflects on windows and building, I fall in love with the way people look when they talk about their passions, I fall in love with tons of things all the time, but more importantly, I fall in love with people. I’ll admit that I still need to learn to love with more grace, but I’m still young and have so much more life to experience.

As they say, life is for the living. Are we going to see any showcases or fashion shows with fey clothing in it sometime soon?

  • I had a pop-up shop in Los Angeles last summer, and I’m definitely looking to do lots more of those this year!

That would be amazing we would love to come down for one of those. Tell our readers where they can find you, love.

  • Keep up to date with all our latest news and lingerie on Instagram @feyclothing and definitely take a peek at all our fun lookbooks and editorials at

Awesome thanks beautiful!

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