The fuckery that is the life of K Flay, according to with her lyrics she has been through bad trips, love affairs and some near life ending experiences. Her music sounds almost exclusively made for that bad batch of youthful rebels who are very familiar with the sinister life. She makes it clear that she is not looking for acceptance nor your prayers, she is pretty much just looking for your drugs, something to help her forget the shitshow that is this world.

We already had a taste of ‘High Enough’ a synth-pop / feel-good tune that talks about her finally reaching a state of mind where she can be inspired without pharmaceuticals. A natural form of addition derived from a ‘Beautiful supplier’ who seems to be a lover.  Talking about the single, K.Flay declares


“there are so many songs out there about getting fucked up,” she says of the song’s inspiration. “I think a part of me was asking the question: ‘What if I’m already high enough? What if I don’t need anything but what I’ve got?’ There are many moments in my life—whether it’s because of a person or a place—that I don’t want to feel altered or high or buzzed. I just want to feel exactly what I’m feeling.”

We also had a chance to experience the thriller music video for ‘Black Wave’, a traumatizing tale of a young woman experiencing the paranoia of a really bad trip. I seriously felt a contact high just by watching the story unfold.

“‘Black Wave’ is about facing something giant and unnameable,” K.Flay mentions about the music film. “This video was our attempt to capture that tension and fear and energy.”

Now with the release of her first full-length album, we can finally experience the conclusion of the insurgent narrative that is the life of K Flay, where she drips continuous doses or reality checks, drug abuse stories and one or two conspiracy theories. Such narrative is brought to life by the crazy heavy bass riffs and the noise-rock like accents for dramatizations; as well as some contrasting sweet synth-pop melodies to remind you that behind all of this there is a super adorable RockandRoller BadBoss chick that isn’t afraid to call a motherfucker out. ‘Every Where is Some Where’ is the perfect soundtrack for a weekend of fuckery and sinning. Maybe take a trip to your hometown to destroy your ex-boyfriend’s car or pick up random substances from the guy standing by the restroom at your local dive bar. This album will make you want to just do shit like that so be aware.


Photo by Drew Levin

K.Flay is the first signing to Interscope imprint Night Street Records, founded by her friend and collaborator, Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan ReynoldsEvery Where Is Some Where features production from some of pop music’s heaviest hitters, including Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Skylar Grey, Twenty One Pilots) and Tommy English (BØRNS, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Ladyhawke), amping up the album’s defiant spirit with a densely textured yet gritty sound. “After Life as a Dog I was listening to so much late-’90s/early-’00s rock,” says K.Flay, referring to her 2014 full-length debut. “I was absorbing the energy of people like Karen O, Shirley Manson, and Emily Haines and feeling totally inspired by it, so there’s lots more live guitar, bass, and drums on this record.” The new record also deftly infuses that same raw intensity she’s revealed in touring with such artists as Passion PitIcona PopAwolnation, and Theophilus London.

Photo by Jorden Durkee

You can find her music in any music platform and check out her upcoming tour below

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April 11 – Hollywood, CA – Amoeba Records In Store Signing – 6PM
Apr 21 – Honolulu, HI – The Republik
Apr 28 – Oakbank, Aus – Groovin The Moo
Apr 29 – Maitland, Aus – Groovin The Moo
Apr 30 – Townsville, Aus – Groovin The Moo
May 2 – Brisbane, Aus – Woolly Mammoth
May 4 – Melbourne, Aus – Howler
May 6 – Bendigo, Aus – Groovin The Moo
May 7 – Canberra, Aus – Groovin The Moo
May 10 – Sydney, Aus – Oxford Art Factory
May 11 – Perth, Aus – Rosemount Hotel
May 13 – Bunbury, Aus – Groovin The Moo
May 17 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
May 20 – Chicago, IL – WKQX PIQNIQ
May 28 – Pompano Beach, FL – 104.3 The Shark Undertow Jam
May 29 – Jacksonville, FL – X102.9 Rock On The River
Sept 23 – Ithaca, NY – Cayuga Sound
Jun 15-18 – Dover, DE – Firefly Festival
Jun 22 – Berlin, DE – Lido
Jun 23-25 – Scheessel, DE – Hurricane Festival
Jun 23-25 – Neuhausen ob Eck, DE – Southside Festival
Jun 28 – London, UK – Camden Assembly
Jul 14-16 – Louisville, KY – Forecastle Festival
Jul 15-16 – Birmingham, AL – Sloss Music & Arts Festival
Aug 11-13 – San Francisco, CA – Outside Lands Festival

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