It seems almost impossible for me to think about what my music library was like10 years ago when iPods were a thing and myspace was my main source of musical inspiration. I am not trying to sound melancholic, more so I am trying to embrace how much can happen in 10 years. For Arizona native rock band The Maine, 10 years have never looked better. I mean seriously just lurk around their Instagram account, there is no denying that the guys are looking spiffy as ever on the road.
John O’Callaghan, Pat Kirchrecently, Jared Monaco, Kennedy Brock and Garrett Nickelsen from The Main recently put together their own festival to celebrate a decade of pure Rock and Roll in their home state, and are now touring promoting their newest album ‘Lovely Little Lonely’. We got a chance to catch up with the band for a quick chat and talk about what’s new with their sound and what has stayed the same during such memorable decade.


Catherine Forsyth: Hello guys, thank you for talking to us today. It’s 10 years of Rocking Out all over the world. At this point in your careers, do you recognize people at your shows? I know you guys have some die hard fans?
Pat Kirchrecently: Yeah! I would say I recognize at least half of the people at our shows each night. People come to show after show so you build a connection with them. People are now traveling from all around the world to come to these shows which is something I never thought would happen. We are working towards making every show as different as possible because of how many shows people are going to on one tour now!
CF: Your sound has evolved a lot throughout your years as a band, 
what inspired the songs on ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ and how does this sound differentiate from previous work?
PK: The biggest thing we wanted to do with this album was make something that was as cohesive as possible! The inspiration for our constant change in sound comes from never wanting to repeat ourselves. I don’t think we would be a band anymore if we kept making the same album over and over!
CF: Touring together as a band this long is really special, how do you guys manage to not get sick of each other/avoid the drama? 
PK: It is pretty easy for us. We keep things fun and we are all friends and we enjoy what we do. I think band mainly don’t get along when they are all not making music and doing things that they actually enjoy. We only do the things we want to so it never feels like a stress. We also bring out our friends to be on our crew on tour so that keeps the overall vibe happy with everyone on tour! Most of the time we are touring we take out our friends’ bands too so it really never feels like we have left home.
CF: So what are some of your favorite moments as a band? Do you have a favorite tour that you’ve done? 
PK: When we released Pioneer that was a really special moment for the band. We had fought so hard to be able to release that album so the day it finally came out we were so happy. Our first headlining tour “An Evening With The Maine…” always sticks out in my mind. It was the first time we were able to play a long set and play songs we wouldn’t normally have in a set and it was just us and our friends This Century.
CF: It’s been a hot minute since your “everything I ask for” music video. those scene haircuts are e v e r y t h i n g. Your style has certainly come along quite far- tell us about your style now compared to then. Except you Patrick (drummer). Your hair is the same, but you’re still looking fly. 
PK: I think we have just changed like anyone would over 10 years. We don’t put too much thought into our look honestly. I have gotten so used to having long hair I just can’t imagine cutting it.

CF: We miss your MySpace days but we still love you. So when you’re not making hamburger helper or screaming to Coldplay’s YELLOW, what are you guys doing in your free time (shown in miserable youth video) ?
PK: All my time is mainly spent on this band hahaha so besides making hamburger helper I am playing tunes!
CF: So after we catch you on tour, we can still keep up with you on your Miserable Youth series with Alternative Press right?
PK: We are doing it by season right now! So it will keep going on this whole tour and then we will see where it goes from there! We love everyone being able to see whats going on so I imagine we will keep it up!
CF: We can’t seriously wait for it. Thank you for hanging out w Nakid we hope you well on your tour. 
PK: Keep up with The Maine via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
Words by Catherine Forsyth
Images by Guadalupe Bustos

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