Imagine a spring night drive downtown, on your way home. You are already feeling the aftermath of the mistakes you committed just a few hours ago,  and these are the lyrics such as “I don’t wanna rise as you fall, but now we’re in motion” play over a very dry and retro sounding synth melodies. Can you imagine? Because we can.  Texas-based band Night Drive manages to take you there with their time traveling sounds that will transport you directly into your favorite 80’s cult movie.  Sadly their self-titled EP won’t be out until June, so till then, we had them put together a mix of their previous work as well as some tracks from artists that inspired their upcoming work.



“These are just a few of many inspirations we had for our album. Some of them influenced us because of the sounds or chord progressions, and others just because of a vibe or attitude that appealed to us. One song, in particular, influenced us just because of the singer’s strange inflection on a single word. “

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