The song, “Whatever” is track 3 off the “Good Looks” EP by Girlyboi and its video is a wonderfully dreamy and beautiful masterpiece directed and produced by Maciek Jasik. It takes you on an entrancing escape between a hypnotic and ethereal forest and a dazzling fireworks show of good vibes and high energy. Girlyboi is an artful, dynamic duo very much rampant with raw emotions that send electric currents with its enchanting landscape and sensual tones.
Jasik’s mission and purpose behind his productions are his desire to “understand society’s relationship
with the natural world and explore ideas of identity, gender, and the self while working in a parallel
world of endless color and bewildering physical phenomena.”
You can sense the girl’s calm spirit, positive energies and soft auras of curiosity and reflection in their exploring of the misty forest. Despite this feeling, they are lost, you can still feel a sense of purpose and an interconnected feeling here. It feels like they are truly communicating with nature and its elements.
The beautifully haunting lyrics of “Wherever you are” sits with you and as the girls cry it out in a soft and longing rhythm – it creates an emotionally charged atmosphere in sync to the scenery shift from nature to their unabashed dancing among the cosmic, bright fireworks.

Even though they’re losing sleep and even though there’s talking in their sleep – there’s this sense of feeling that it’s okay to be lost because you know where you belong and you can be happy in that moment.
Jasik loves the spontaneity of putting together shots and sequences on location with the way the fireworks in the forest transform around Carly to create an otherworldly atmosphere. He believes that
“You can prepare as much as you want, but reacting to the present is wonderful.”

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Words by  Amanda “Violet” Ravotti 

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