Bask in the glory and tragedy that is, PALMS.  This editorial accompanies an exclusive release from an artist that use to go by Nash Quest and still does.  There is not much to say that this song and editorial doesn’t tell on its own.  Without further ado we present PALMS.  You can listen to this wonderful and enchanting new track via Spotify here on Nakid!

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Palms by Elliot Winfield. 

“I remember it all quite clearly.  There were two girls and one guy; an attractive group, the kind of people you would see in Hollywood.”

“I put them in room 61 for two nights. It had only one queen sized bed, but they didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t bother asking why or what brought them to Palm Springs, I just gave them their keys.”

 “They were in their own world, a world I didn’t know and would probably never get the pleasure of experiencing. What I couldn’t get a grip on, however, was their relationship. I couldn’t tell who was going with who, who was going for who, and if they were even going with or for each other at all.”

“I watched them enter and exit the room, always in new colorful outfits.”

“The three of them kept themselves effortlessly uncovered, leaving only their relationship to the imagination.”

“Something was odd about the three. There were moments, abstract and absurd moments, that made me question their familiarity with each other as well as their individual sanity. It was as if they were on drugs, hallucinogenics or something in that realm.”

“There was one occasion where he walked up to the girls and then just fell into the pool with all his clothes on. Bizarre to say the least.”

“One night I heard them laughing inside their room. The three voices carried throughout the complex, but I couldn’t determine what was said.”

“To this day, I can’t help but wonder what was unfolding that night in room 61.”

“He ran to the room and within seconds was back with a cocktail in each hand. Both of the girls grabbed the cocktails and quickly sipped the potion. What was that potion? Was it drug induced? I only wonder, because during that moment, there wasn’t any music playing. There was no band, no speakers, no anything. They just danced and danced in the dusk of the desert, bewitched by their own unheard audio.”

“The group was in the trance of each other. Was it love, friendship, lust, drugs, liquor? I didn’t know and don’t think I ever will.”

“That’s when I caught the three little raccoons secretly scurrying to the hot tub. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were doing, since the hot tub was a little far from the front desk, but I knew they were freely exposed in that warm water, under that summer moon.”

“The last thing I remember, before I dozed off at around 2 am, were two skinny silhouettes, highlighted by the yellow glow of the courtyard’s lights.”


“As I slid the curtains open in the morning, I looked out at the hot tub and lost my breath.”

“I was terrified. I didn’t want it to be, but as I slowly approached the filmy turquoise water…it was.”

“The two beautiful women he was playing with were gone, they had escaped clean, with the task they set out to accomplish, I suppose. The drinks, drugs, and smokes were gone. The uncomfortable sensual threesome was no more and the only thing left was a lonely man, floating lifeless in the sizzling spa, outlined by the reflection of the distant palms swaying in the death water.”


Creative Direction: Alex Delgado – @alexseesthis,  MUA/Hair: Celina Rodriguez – @thecelinarodriguez,  Stylist: Desmond Evan Smith – @desmondes,  Assistant Stylist: Jackie Salem – @jack_nasty84,  Models:,  Nash Quest @nashquestmusic,  Trew Mullen @trewmullen,  Kennedy Barnes @kennedyalexa