Hierarchy‘  is the soulful return from American singer and Instagram sensation Cailin Russo, who first got her shot in the music industry with her flawless debut solo “September Rose”. The single topped the Hypemachine charts and gathered support from early fans over at BBC Radio 1 in the UK and KCRW in the U.S, firmly placing Cailin as a serious artist to watch in 2017 and beyond.

The track much like Cailin’s persona is a serene narrative of a girl trying to politely express her frustration over her past love affairs and projecting her anxiety habits for future flings. Although the track hints a slightly bitter tone about relationships, it still manages to feel free of pressure and satiated because it’s not asking for approval. It’s just a simple bluesy girl reciting a story of how she dealt with a fuckboy. I think we can all relate to that after a bottle of wine or two.
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