Touch Me Deeply specializes in sensual nude, exploratory and erotic art. By reveling in the beauty of the human body and of sensual images and relations we expand our minds and our boundaries between the spiritual and metaphysical. We thrive on adding vibrant emotion into erotic art by means of modern deep learning technology.

“This set speaks to the queerness of all the people involved, and the passion, color and connection that flows from that.  Alexis and I recently met and really enjoy each other, and plan on making lots of art together. The jewelry brand is an up-and-coming kink fashion line based out of Berlin who was in the bay when I was so we teamed up on a few shoots.  The jewelry is all vegan leather and chains, starring pelvis harnesses and chokers with leashes.  It feels rrrrrreal good to wear.” -Olivia North
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Creative Direction: Olivia North  ||Photographer: TouchMeDeeply || Stylist: Alexis Carene Models: Olivia North + Alexis Carene || Wearing: Zero Dimension Designs || Location: The Love Nest in Palo Alto