Prep your Glittery Gowns and your Glow in the Dark Crowns people… it’s a Neon Rennesainsce affair season. Buried deep down in South Texas we found Todd Mission, a small city that served as the host city for Middlelands Music Fest, the inaugural EDM festival curated by Insomniac Events. For three days the festival grounds were flooded by thousands of die-hard fans who dressed the part for the Renessaince themed music festival. Legends like Kaskade, Bassnectar, Rae Sremmurd and Major Lazer lead the pack of the stellar line-up set up for the Kings, the Queens, the Fairies and all kinds of mystical creatures that roamed throughout the 5 different stages. Although themed festivals are not a rare thing in this industry, Middlelands festival was aesthetically beyond pleasing. The main two stages were structured so eloquently with a production value that Texas has not seen in years since Nocturnal Wonderland to be exact, so as a music festival fan who was on the verge of losing all hope to see such production come to my state, I am happy to say I was mind-blown.

During our first day, we ended up getting lost for a good part of the day, day drinking trying to find some unique looking creatures to take candids of. Let’s just say it was no problem, I mean one thing is showing off with Festival / Rave apparel but Middlelands appeared to be more of a Halloween parade then your average EDM fest, there were so many colors, textures, and feathers and that’s just on the Star Trooper/Wizard dude on the image below. So if you ever needed another reason to dress up mid-year, Middlelands could be that tradition for you.

While security and accommodations are usually being what many new festivals seem to slack on, Middlelads was the opposite. Every staff member around was surprisingly knowledgeable given how much was going on all at once, some even danced with us when Lido dropped some trap-like beats. It was a calm and unifying atmosphere that brought fans, artist, and staff together. It didn’t feel as if staff was trained to overdue their duties by digging too deep into people’s business they were just trying to make sure everyone was alive, and that they were. Especially that one guy who claimed up to the tree at the main stage during Griz’s set, stopping the whole show just to get a rescue team to grab the fella who took on a challenge that was bigger than him, we’ve all been there and if you haven’t maybe you need to live a little more.

Make sure you check out their recaps and stay put for next year’s events, it is only the beginning of this Insomniac project so expect much more for 2018.


BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami