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A beautiful interview and look into the mind of artist and muse, Sally Mustang.


Photographer: Arterium 

Model: Sally Mustang

See more of Sally’s work here: WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM

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Can you describe a time when you first realized creating was something you absolutely had to do? 
I have been creative my whole life and to be honest I always thought I would get into acting rather then visual art and modeling, but it’s crazy how the world works. I discovered my love for painting after spending two years just living in the moment. I was 21 At the time and I lived in Margaret River, Western Australia. I took two years off work and just decided to really find myself, connect with Mother Nature and just live simply without much money at all. I would volunteer at community gardens to get my food for the week and basically explored, hiked and swam in the ocean. It was with allowing myself this freedom that I became so creative. I knew as soon as I put paint to canvas that It was something I had to do.
What’s a day in the life of you like? What kind of creating patterns or routines do you have? 
I live a very unstructured kind of life, my routines basically are just guidelines as I really like to be available for life to happen to me. Everyday though, I make time to look after my body, running, yoga, hiking or swimming. I also try to always include one activity a day that will help me grow professionally and spiritually. 
What inspires you? 
This big beautiful world we live in!
I draw a lot of my inspiration from Mother Nature. To me nature is the ultimate divine. Ever changing, unpredictable, growing, adapting, whilst always showcasing beauty.
I also blessed to have some really incredible people in my life that help me shine. Music and reading also brings me a constant source of inspiration. 
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How does yoga and running influence your art?
Keeping my body healthy is really important. Keeps my mind clear and helps prevent future health problems. It will keep me agile as I age and I just really enjoy it. In particular running, yoga and hiking are my go to activities. Although dance and anything outdoors brings me joy also.
Do you tend to ignore politics and pop culture or do they influence what you create? 
Mmm I tend to ignore, I don’t really like to focus on anything negative going on in the world, and rather focus on good things happening around us. I feel as though politics are constantly creating this fear within society and I try not to put my energy there.
How does sex impact the painting and other art you make? 

Amazing sex stays with you. It soaks into your skin. It floats through your dreams and has you silently smoldering with delicious remembrances for hours after. It has you craving it days later. And it has you aching for it if you don’t get it for awhile. 

Being an artist means that all aspects of your life are then somehow used to create something meaningful. Desire for sex especially has a beautiful effect on the body and the mind. Whether or not we realise it, sexual energy moves us. Desire is the pure and wild energy of creativity. It is our impulse decisions. It’s our ability to achieve our goals.

I guess sex somehow connects us with a greater dimension of what we are. It is a fact that sex binds us together in love, family and ultimately our spiritual life. After all an orgasm is the deepest pleasure we have known in our life. 


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Do you like being in front of the camera? 
I love it. Like I said I thought I would always take up acting so modelling for me is very much that, acting. Taking on a character to create something.
Tell us a little about your background – were you born in Australia? Did you move? Were you parents artists? How did you become the artist you are today? 
I was born in Australia and grew up in a small coastal town by the sea. My parents and two brothers are surfers and the beach and a laid back lifestyle was taught to me at a young age. I started travelling at the age of 16 and have never really stopped. I guess that’s why I get the nickname gypsy, as my feet are always keen to move onto the next adventure. I spent a year travelling Australia in a tent when I was young and that sort of fuelled the need for travel. I then moved on to living in Indonesia for a bit, then India and Sri Lanka. I know call Byron Bay Home but am constant planning new trips to exotic places. My following on social media was a really organic thing, I was just sharing my life and all of a sudden people were really interested. It then evolved and now I have this huge voice that I can use to help impact the world in a good way and hopefully inspire thousands of people to enjoy life. To be honest my goal or path in life is just to teach people how to be happy and how to express themselves authentically. By being myself and never holding back, I give permission for others to be themselves and that’s really rewarding. 
What are you trying to communicate with your art? 
I want everyone to be creative. Everything in life is art, the way we talk, the places we go, what we write, the food we cook, the house we live in, our sex life, our health EVERYTHING! 
I guess that’s really what I’m trying to communicate when I paint. To live a vibrant colourful lifestyle 🙂
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