DEVILISH LOVE‘ is a collaborative limited edition jewelry collection designed by founder/editor-in-chief & creative director Dustin Hollywood. Summer is a time to let your fashion juices flow and showcase that badass style you have to the world – these pieces, each uniquely one of a kind and hand made, do just that! Long before Dustin was known for his music & fashion photography, and way, way before NAKID was even a thought, he designed jewelry. These were the days of humble beginnings, a time when his photo-gig’s barely paid and he searched, as many starving artists do, for something more he could push those design skills into what would add to his freelance living. Good thing too, because now we get to share this amazing limited collection with all our amazing readers! One more reason to snag one of these pieces when you can; every order comes with something super special and secret from NAKID just because we love you, and it’s worth more than the pieces themselves!

Collection available JUNE 15th, 2017 on!

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