This world has 7+ billion people in it and of that number a rare, rare few ever make a creative mark on the world – it’s something truly miraculous actually to witness someones talents and aspirations coming to fruition amongst such a unique class of accomplished people. So when we heard the musical genius that is Cassie Marin you can imagine the level of elation we were in. A truly unique and youthful voice among the masses, cultivating a sounds that is all her own. At only 21 years of age, the young producer, vocalist and songwriter is emerging into the industry with a lot to offer from behind the mic or in front of it. With her imaginative style, eloquent messages and abstract visuals, it’s safe to say Cassie created a world of her own to share with her listeners, each song drawing you in. Inviting listeners with her angelic voice, she blends her blissful and sultry vocals with an experimental R&B sound, unafraid to straddle the line between genres.

Cassie made her debut with her single “All Along” in 2011, making the top 50 charts in the Singer/Songwriter category. This began the very personal connection between Cassie and her listeners. Following “All Along”, Cassie Marin self-produced her first 7-song album “Plastique Days” which was motivated by negative experiences working as a female artist in an industry filled with many male producers. Following Cassie’s self produced album “Plastique Days”, her upcoming single “Light” which we premiere for you today on NAKID and is a part of an upcoming EP expected late 2017.

This single stands out amongst the typical conventionalities as the summer inspired, R&B track shows off Cassie’s ability to perform once again a different vocal style and mood. Cassie often expresses a sense of curiosity towards the mysterious, deeper parts of life; we can expect to find more revealed about what goes on in her mind through her music, with time.

See and hear more of Cassie Marin’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / YOUTUBE / TUMBLR


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