Elusive musician Bear is making waves in Miami with his seductive and alluring beats, rocking boats from shore to shore. I got to spend 7 minutes in heaven with him discussing our beloved city, influences, collaborators and the release of his new video Overdose on So Sound Recordings.

Veronica Gessa: Your music has a consistent narrative of dreamlike synthesizers and low-fi melodies. How would you describe your creative process; especially when working with other producers?

Bear : Really it’s a very emotionally driven process. I’m not one to share very often and prefer to just put what I’m feeling into what I’m working on. Aside from Nick (Leon) and Zach (from Twelve’len) I don’t really work with any producers, but with them it’s really just bouncing ideas, seeing what works and what doesn’t.. It can turn into a really critical process and the outcomes are always surprising.


V: How has living in Miami influenced your music?

Bear : It’s hard to put into words.. but if I had to I’d say, the bass. The bass and the warmth. It’s an inescapable sound and you can hear it in what I do as well as a lot of folk from out here. Sonically it’s thick, sometimes overbearing.. like the weather out here, thick, humid and chock-full of sun.

V: Your music has been described as the perfect playlist for “baby making”. What are you listening to when you’re being intimate?

Bear : hahah *noted*

  • Prince, Ginuwine and Dreamboy just to name a few..

V: Can you shed some light on the interpretation of the music video?

Bear: The song/video mainly deals with addiction, obsession and toxicity. Being hopelessly stuck to someone/something and losing sight of everything just to get that one dose. We have a guy chasing a beautiful girl around the city, only to end up at her mercy by the end of the video.

V: You have several collaborators on your latest releases off of Miami’s SPACE TAPES, who else are you most looking to collaborate with this year?

Bear : There’s another out here, Tama Gucci. I’m thinking we might have something for you all soon, and don’t want to ruin any surprises but I’ll have a split EP with a certain someone coming this summer.  


V: You just had a performance in Miami this last month. Where can we see you next?

Bear: For everyone attending, I’ll be performing at this years III Points Music Festival in Miami. There’ll be some happenings here and there and in-between that’ll be announced through the socials.

V: Name 7 people dead or alive you wouldn’t mind being stuck in a closet for 7 Minutes.

Bear: Oh.. does it have to be 7?

  • Sade Adu
  • Aaliyah
  • Margot Robbie
  • Yvonne Strahovski
  • Mariska Hartigay
  • Milla Jovovich (in The Fifth Element)
  • & Bill Nye (not even to make out or anything but it’d be tight to talk about science stuff and compare thesis)

To catch more from Bear via Instagram, Twitter or Soundcloud.

Words by Veronica Gessa