Today we have an amazing premiere from one of music’s bright shining new up and coming stars, Gallo, with her new single ‘Sugar Daddy‘! As a leading lady of her perpetual Quentin Tarantino fantasy, American-Lebanese solo artist, Gallo shines a technicolor light on the alternative music scene. Her dark melodic tendencies are matched with origami-like lyrics, elegantly folded and refolded until they are perfectly angled, pointed, and refined. With her Rhodes in-tow, she delivers a haunting performance dripping in custom couture and dark humor. Though most of Gallo’s life has been nestled under a canopy of Hollywood lights, her childhood was spent in a nomadic fashion taking her all around the world. Her surroundings were ever changing, so music served as her reliable safe haven. Gallo immersed herself in her craft, letting her piano transport her to fantastical galaxies in unknown dimensions.

Inspired by the Pop prowess of Robyn and moodiness of Portishead, Gallo comes forward with her self titled EP, ‘Gallo’ making her official debut as the powerful songwriter and mystical goddess she has flowing through her blood. With one look into her trance and admitting to her alluring melodies, Gallo transcends us to her fanciful lands of romance, lust, and empowerment. She explains, “I am a human mood ring…I’m not trying to write music for validation.” In other words, brace yourselves.

The music video was directed and produced by the infamous British film director and self portrait artist,  Nadia Lee Cohen,, who is best known for her vintage British + American inspired cinema, and was styled by fellow UK creative,  Soki Mak. The combined collaboration of Gallo, Nadia and Soki sets forth the alluring and enticing imagery that represents the mysterious fantasy world of Gallo.


Following “Sugar Daddy” will be the EP’s second single, “Truth or Dare,,” which plays into Gallo’s aesthetic and sets the bar one step higher. Same as Sugar Daddy, the music video will drop on Monday, July 17th and the full single on Friday, July 21st.


Pick up the single “Sugar Daddy” here:  DOWNLOAD NOW!!


Take a look behind the scenes of the shoot for her single ‘Sugar Daddy” below!

(All images credit photographer Piper Ferguson)

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