EDC, better known as Electric Daisy Carnival wasn’t always in Las Vegas, it has flourished,  pushing to Orlando, New York, Texas domestically and internationally to Mexico, the U.K., Japan and more locations in the decade since it’s birth. The city of sin has taken the Insomniac driven festival of dance music to heights they probably only dreamed of though, and because of that it has grown into one of, if not the largest, dance music events and music productions in the United States and the world with over 400,000+ attendees flooding into the small city in the middle of the desert. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of NAKID, Dustin Hollywood & photographer Charis Kirchheimer headed out to the desert oasis to capture all the craziness that EDC encompasses, braving the 110 degree heat. From the wild day parties by the pool hosted by some of the biggest DJ/Producers in the world, such as Alesso and Armin Van Buuren, to the wild nights and the endless electric sky over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you enter into a completely different world of music, carnival rides, foating ships with dance parties onboard, costume attractions, pyramids of light, insanely good music, crazy outfits and endless kodak moments galore!

This year was by far the best edition/experience of EDC yet and the team behind it is proving when it comes to dance music there is really one name in production that stands above the rest, INSOMNIAC. The gallery of photos below is just one highlight of our adventures in Sin City for EDC LV 2017 and all the energy and amazing things we saw, we will be showcasing more content in our upcoming ISSUE VII coming out August 1st as well as next week we will be dropping teasers of our feature with Armin Van Buuren at EDC in a full spread! Without further ado, here is our captured moments of this year’s ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL LAS VEGAS 2017!

Be sure to pre-order ISSUE VII coming out August 1st with and exclusive with Armin Van Buuren during this years festival and more exclusive content shot by Editor In Chief/NAKID Founder Dustin Hollywood and Charis Kirchheimer from Las Vegas’ EDC 2017!