Miami Based Record Label/ Fashion House Bribery Corporation Releases Sophmore Compilation titled “_002” featuring Bribery Artists and Affiliates

Deep within the Miami art/music/fashion scene there are a few who are emerging as the leads in an expansion of community awareness in the arts, creative drive, and the mindset to change everything. The last few years especially have brought new energy to Art Basel, the emergence of the art and music festival iii points and of course the numerous artists that are coming out of the South Florida oasis that is Miami – one of those artists, who we have been pushing from the beginning is KAIXEN, a new DJ/Producer that is pushing new sounds and collaborations with other artists, always moving and making waves with his music that’s making a name for himself. Today he, and Miami Record Label/ Fashion House Bribery Corporation, release their second compilation album titled “_002” as a free download through a partnership with BitTorrent. Bribery’s latest offering features a collection of tracks from label artists and affiliates, one of which is KAIXEN himself with the brand new track ‘FIRST WORLD‘ out today!

The album features a versatile selection of tracks including Mux Mool of Ghostly Intl and MoodgadgetFarrows the collaborative project of John Herguth and Crystal Castles drummer Christopher Chartrand, and Mitch Murder of Rosso Corsa Collective who has released on Mad Decent and worked on music for 2015’s Kung Fury. The compilation also features Bribery Corporation’s roster with tracks from Mystvries, PRJCTN, Dr. Mofongo, ROOMS, Alexander Guru and Light Bodies. The compilation also features the first new music from AbdeCaf in 5 years, with a cover/ rework of Marvin’s Room by Drake.

This compilation marks the second entry of Bribery’s quarterly compilation series, which will feature new songs by Bribery artists along with exclusive tracks from Bribery affiliates and friends as we said. Each compilation will release exclusively via BitTorrent and be available on both Spotify and Apple music for streaming. Included with each bundle will be a graphic zine, flyers for various Bribery club nights and premium bundle options will include discount codes, videos, teasers, and various exclusive files in exchange for an email address.

Here is a little about the project and what Bribery is doing from the founder himself:

“I feel like with this bundle we really raised the bar,” says Bribery head Rostislav Vaynshtok. “The first bundle that we released in March was such a solid record, as a whole and I really love that it was just us and a bunch of our friends putting out great tunes. This bundle I feel we came more into our own, and captured an aesthetic, leveled up so to speak because of the magnitude of talent that’s on it. To get something from Farrows and Mux Mool was almost mind-blowing to me because I couldn’t have guessed 3 months ago that we’d be releasing stuff from them. Mitch Murder is where it really hit home for me as I’m a huge Synthwave/ Retrowave fanatic. I even dusted off the old AbdeCaf project just to release a Drake cover I’d done before I stopped touring and releasing”

Rostislav Vaynshtok

Bribery Corporation is a Miami based boutique record label, fashion house, management and booking agency with a focus on highlighting engrossing and soulful electronic music. Bribery prides themselves on a keen eye for minimalism, and an ear for diverse and eclectic music that truly sounds like nothing else.


_01: Drake – Marvin’s Room (AbdeCaf Rework/ Cover)
_02: Mux Mool – Airborn Identity
_03: PRJCTN – Natives
_04: Phantasman – Huntress
_05: F I R S T W O R L D – Firstworld (Kaixen Remix)
_06: Lautlos – Ill Trajectory
_07: ALEX – Akuma II ft. (Tonebox and Rachel McAlpine)
_08: Mitch Murder – Turning Point
_09: Bay Ran – Suburban Vibes
_10: Mystvries – Miami Nightdrive
_11: Meadowlark – Family Tree (ROOMS Remix)
_12: Farrows – Don’t Know How to Talk to You
_13: Alexander Guru – Stamina
_14: Dr. Mofongo – Compressor
_15: Light Bodies – How to Feel Alone in a Crowded Room

ROOMS video for “bahna” which was shot entirely in Iceland and Directed by Edward Platero