There is nothing more frustrating than non-reciprocating attention, like when you are feeling someone and you know they are feeling you too, yet there are no moves being made. It’s a very uncomfortable scenario, we hope none of you ever get to experienced, but if you do — there is one majestic force from Toronto is showing us the most elegant way to handle such love affairs. STACEY is a songstress with a gentle touch for mellow and tormenting, yet self-healing tunes, her new single “First Move” is a story of love distress of a woman demanding what she deserves, undisputable love and affection from a man who isn’t daring enough to make that first move. The visuals much like the song showcase lady-like mannerisms that read like resounding musical notes, translating her message so eloquently into the audience.

I wanted to create a world that emulates the in-between moments of potential new love. How they can feel lush & beautiful but they’re also obscured & elusive. And because you feel it all in isolation, it’s hard to tell what’s real, and easy to slip into a state of surreality. Like a lucid dream looking through a kaleidoscope, or a moving painting.” mentioned about ‘First Move’

STACEY has had her music featured on DegrassiMTV ScreamLucifer and Orphan Black and her first single “First Move” is currently in rotation at CBC Radio in Canada. Earlier this year she released “First Move” via Ladygunn, with the publication claiming that her vibe channels Lana Del Rey. So make sure to keep up with her via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.